About the Book

Growing Up Psychedelic: Becoming Human in a World of Spirit is my effort to express my deepest thoughts and words from the heart to the special souls who are, one way or the other, participating in the psychedelic renaissance currently upon us.

I begin the book by exploring my psychedelic biography that started over fifty years ago, detailing the twists, turns, and surprises leading from the naive recreational use of a fifteen-year-old teenager to a series of spiritual encounters and subsequent seeking, which ultimately blossomed into a lifetime study of Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy.

The process of “Growing Up Psychedelic” became, for me, the recognition of having an origin in pre-earthly, spiritual existence, and confronted with the challenge of becoming, through earth life, ever more truly human.

Some fifty years since, after a lifetime of career, family, and countless ups and downs of existence, I was inspired by the social rehabilitation of psychedelics to reacquaint myself with these agents, which I had left behind after five years of my intensive exploration as a youth. In looking at the patterns of my own biography, I came to see that Rudolf Steiner’s insights into the nature of the human being, into its spiritual nature, could provide the framework to begin understanding these agents in a deep, spiritual-evolutionary context. I believe developing insights from his teachings will profoundly deepen the understanding of these agents and see them find their best destiny in human development. They are presently poised to be of great impact.

The psychedelic experience — both my own and more generally — is examined through the lens of Rudolf Steiner’s teachings, and the implications of this perspective are discussed in the context of the spiritual, therapeutic, and recreational application of psychedelics.

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ISBN: 978-1605513003


1 It’s not like you see God
2 In Search of a Psychedelic Model
3 Turning the Corner
4 Incipit Vita Nova
5 Entr’acte
6 Mountains come out of the Sky
7 Summer Sunshine
8 Tent of Mystery
9 Welcome to the Metasociety
10 I found the Miraculous
11 Twenty Suns Twenty
12 Return to the Well
13 Integrating
14 Interweaving Destinies
15 Lucifer and Ahriman
16 That Tiny Word
17 Reincarnation, Living Time, and Eternity
18 Psychedelics and Alchemy
19 To Dose or not to Dose
20 Therapy and Celebration Container and Intention
21 Closing Thoughts